Stretchy Ice Cream

“It’s simply Yummy” 

Yummy District’s recipe for Stretchy Ice Cream is uniquely creamy and sweet with a rare dense and elastic nature. We bring you a western twist to a centuries-old Turkish recipe using strictly natural ingredients and the simplest cooking methods. Our open-air kiosk is located at the Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, IL between Macy's and Fali Jewelers. 

Yummy District 

What's in it?


The original 150 year old recipe used milk, sugar and salep flour. Salep flour is made by grinding dried palms of various Orchid flowers. It is precisely the salep that acts as a thickening agent and provides its elasticity and resistance to melting. The real magic happens when it’s hand churned.  More you churn it, the stretchier it becomes. 

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It's hand churned in deep metal bins

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The longer you churn the ice cream, the stretchier it becomes


Scooped using a long metal rod


Prefer a cone?...

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...or a cup?


With or without sprinkles?



Yummy District is a family-owned business, so it makes sense that we got our start on a family vacation. While visiting Istanbul, we noticed a street vendor selling ice cream in a way we’d never seen before. Instead of scooping it from a tub, he cut slices of ice cream from a slab, then skewered them with a metal rod before adding them to our cones.

The novelty alone was enough for us to give it a try, and when we did, we were amazed. It was the best ice cream we’d ever tried, and better yet, it stood up to the heat of an Istanbul summer day. We’d gotten used to racing against time as our cones became mushy with melted goo; this ice cream, though, was firmer and chewier, and softened just slowly enough for us to enjoy each delicious bite.

We knew immediately that our family’s new abiding passion was to introduce our friends, family and the rest of the world to the best-tasting ice cream on the planet. Every cone we serve, every batch we craft, every flavor we test, reflects the same passion.

The Shahin Family


Office Location

1821 Walden Office Square Suite 400
Schaumburg, IL 60173

More Yummy Info

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Most popular flavors are original(milk), strawberry and chocolate. 

Vendors often play trick or treat and the customer must “catch” the cone to be able to "get"  their ice cream.

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Balancing density and temperature brings its rare perfect stretchiness.

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Never let the ice cream guy trick you!


It is not like any other ice cream you have tasted


... and no matter what the process, the end result is always PURE LOVE. 



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